Falcon is the brand name in lift provider company in Pakistan

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Residential elevators are machine room less (MRL). They are designed to suit the interior or exterior of buildings. It requires more space and can accommodate more people. These elevators can be fitted with glass doors to enhance the outlook of the building. This lift can be made using premium quality materials and as per the requirements of the clients.

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Falcon Elevators is the top elevator manufacturer company in Lahore, Pakistan

Residential Elevators

Falcon provides the lift for your bungalow, home with best maintenance & other services

Hospital Elevators


Hospital Elevators are used in Critical and emergency situations which need to be handled constantly in hospitals. Patients have to be carried from one floor to another, sometimes on wheelchairs and on stretcher beds. Quite often there is paraphernalia of patient, doctor, nurse, relatives and attendants along with life support system. Hospital elevators needs care, safety & regular maintenance.

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Industries require elevators for carriage of bulk goods and commodities vertically across shop floors or show rooms. Racks & pinion lifts are most suitable for this purpose. Industrial elevator manufacturer uses an effective technology so that elevator should be a strong and sturdy. Safety is also a major concern. They are specially designed to accommodate heavy goods.

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We being top Escalator providers in Pakistan serves finest services for our clients

Industrial Elevators

Falcon rank as top ranked Escalator manufactures in Lahore

Capsule Elevators


A slight modification in design and décor is represented in a capsule elevator. It is literally shaped like a capsule from outside and possesses all other features of a regular elevator. The very purpose of a capsule elevator is aesthetic décor, hence it is fitted on the outer side of shopping malls, theatres and sometimes commercial buildings. Capsule lifts are part and parcel of modern architecture.

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A range of elevators for bungalows, duplex villas, row houses, terrace flats, pent houses and showrooms. They are easy to operate, fast, safe. Size can be changed according to the requirements. Falcon Elevatorss offer a cost effective & convenient lifts. Bungalow elevators are available with S.S. mirror cabin & other specifications in design and size. These lifts are in great demand in modern apartments.

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We are one of the top Elevator manufactures in Pakistan with best post installed services

Capsule Elevators

Falcon Elevators Company is a leading manufacturer and installer in Pakistan



Our escalators provide safe, reliable and eco-friendly mobility in shopping centres, airports, railway stations and commercial buildings. Attractive yet robust, our equipment is designed to be equally at home in the elegant atmosphere of commercial surroundings and in the tough, punishing environment of public transport.

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Falcon lift provides best services for hospitals,residentials and offices