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Hospital elevators are used for simple transportation of a patient on a wheelchair to wheeling away a critical patient on a stretcher. We provide the hospital elevator which allows patients to move comfortably and safely. Hospital and Medical service Industry involves critical lifesaving activities which includes carrying patients to different floors for various reasons. For speed & comfort it requires large capacity motors which are used to winch up high speed elevators. These highly efficient motors emit a very low level of movement noise and are exceptionally quiet. By suppressing both noise and vibration, we have achieved a much higher level of passenger comfort.

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Elevators comprising bundles of high-intensity steel wire strands, each covered with plastic, offers higher intensity than conventional rope for safe operation despite the greater weight of longer ropes. Each wire has a higher density and wider cross-sectional area than conventional rope, which helps to reduce rope stretching caused when passengers step into the elevator.

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The amount of lateral vibration generated by high-speed elevator cars is tremendous. Falcon Elevatorss Active Roller technology reduces this vibration by approximately 60%. It works via an accelerometer that detects car vibration during operation, along with actuators that cancel the vibration through a controlled electromagnetic force.

Auto Rescue System

Auto Rescue Device brings the Passengers to the nearest landing in case of power failure, this makes sure that no passenger is stuck in the lift in the event of power failure. ARD is a standard feature in this Series of Elevator.

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Smooth Movement without Jerks & Shocks

Hospital Bed Elevators are planned, designed and manufactured, bearing passengers' security and convenience first in mind. The elegant designs and various features that these elevators show off are the key to enhancing the dignity of hospital facilities in addition to providing the amenities that hospital pursues and gives smooth movement without Jerk & Shocks.

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Ample Space
Elevators are designed to carry the stretcher along with few persons & bulky equipment's.

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Low Energy Consumption
Highly efficient and consumes less power.

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Overload Indicator
Elevator warns the passenger in case the lift has been overloaded.

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