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Our passenger elevators are a simple yet effective vertical transportation solution for your Tower, Plaza, Outlet or Franchise. Passenger elevators are designed to meet mobility needs of public buildings. Passenger lifts make life easier when stairs become more challenging in high rise buildings and it is an excellent alternative to stairs. Passenger lift can also carry heavy objects upto a specified weighting capacity. Our passenger elevators are equipped with all the latest device and functions that includes light curtain, fast speed, smooth movement, spring buffers, cabin emergency stoppers, overload switch. Whats more! Now the ARD (Auto Rescue Device) is also available as optional item which evacuates the passengers in lift to nearest floor in case of power failure. Passenger elevators are built to perform in extreme, intense working conditions. What makes them strong enough to stand up to the harshest of environments? The thickness of walls and the bracing of our frames support so the frame and car do not twist over time. Falcon Elevators deliver all this with comfort and style

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All safety codes are incorporated and followed for lifting devices. An electro mechanical door interlocks with limit switches are provided on collapsible gates. Lever type limit switches are provided on each floor. In addition to above limit switches a very sensitive counter limit switch is provided (in power circuit) for over hoisting & over lowering. Spring buffers are provided on the ground floor as a safety feature.

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Requiring no special civil or building works, delivered with a freestanding lift structure the unit can be installed in existing buildings with minimum disruption. The easy to assemble design, robust construction, and easy operation make it a favoured lifting solution for many prestigious high street retailers and manufacturers.

Standard Safety Sensors

It is important to recognise that by educating yourself on risks and safety measures, and by ensuring that your elevator is properly installed with appropriate safety features, accidents or injury can be avoided.

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Uninterrupted movement

A simple machine is formed with relatively few parts and the compactness of the gear less elevator makes it the ideal lift for high speed work. Smooth, steady motion of the car is assured under all conditions.

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Speedy Movement
Premium quality machines used for fast movement.

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Noise Free Operation
Lifts operate smoothly in a noise-free manner and have minimal needs for regular maintenance.

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Attractive Look
Designed to suit the interior or exterior of buildings.

Falcon is the best Elevator Company in Pakistan providing high class services and maintenance